Deep Dive into Benzos | Part 3 of 5 | Short-term Gain, Long-term Pain

This is the 3rd installment in my Deep Dive into Benzos (benzodiazepines). If you notice details, you may note Part 3 was to be the last post; I have decided to expand to 5 parts. There is so much to share on this topic. The more I learn, the more I feel this class of… Continue reading Deep Dive into Benzos | Part 3 of 5 | Short-term Gain, Long-term Pain

Did ANOTHER Personality Test: Still INTJ!

Part of being me means I question everything. So why not question my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) result even though it has been the same since the 1990s when I first did the test? Overthinking is great (more good stuff about this subject on the Pointless Overthinking blog). I did the Personality Hacker free test (you… Continue reading Did ANOTHER Personality Test: Still INTJ!

Self-Help Topic 4: Being Highly Sensitive

I recall a comment from a therapy session during which the counselor and I discussed being highly sensitive: "it's like being a grape with the skin peeled off." I instantly related to this and filed the analogy away. I've used it often and wish I knew the origin. I've always been a sensitive person; I have… Continue reading Self-Help Topic 4: Being Highly Sensitive

Self-Help Topic 3: I’m An Introvert, What About You?

I was a shy kid. School was something unpleasant, something to be endured. I grew up on a farm near a small town; the K-8 school I went to had about 40 students in total. My issues with anxiety started around the time I started school: I worried about everything. My days started with panicky… Continue reading Self-Help Topic 3: I’m An Introvert, What About You?

Mental Health IS Health: Facts and Personal Anecdotes

I originally posted this Saturday, but woke up with major anxiety about it at 1 am and got up to take it down. I'll make some notes below to try and explain why. I read a post by IFLScience yesterday on myths about mental health. I was struck particularly by this passage: "Physical manifestations may… Continue reading Mental Health IS Health: Facts and Personal Anecdotes