I've been on a social media sabbatical, but even without much online time, I noted many people expressing relief at the end of 2018. There are many current world events that make things seem frightening and perhaps hopeless. Consider for example the following brief list from an article outlining 10 of the most significant world … Continue reading 2018

Anxiety doesn’t want your advice about stress management, and neither do I.

Thank you for this post – it articulates quite accurately what it feels like trying to make the distinction between anxiety and stress. It’s a bit like two people in wheelchairs where one is paralyzed and the other has two broken legs. At that moment the challenges are similar, but for one they continue long term.

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Please stop responding to my anxiety with, “stress isn’t good for you, you know.” 

I know. 

I do know, because I can’t tell you how much money has been spent on profesional help and medication, or even the physical illnesses that never seem to end, as the distress my body experiences is a result of my anxiety. 

“You’re really stressed out, you really need to learn how to calm down.” 

I would be rich enough to afford therapy more often if I had a cent for every time I’ve heard that in my life. I’m nervous, jumpy, and always clouded with an agitated sense of urgency; I worry a lot, and make small things seem big. Before exams, I’m panicking, and when something goes wrong, I freak out. I have split ends, I bite my nails, I’m not good at relaxing, and I have a generalized…

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