Grandma Dora

Today, March 23, 2019 marks the occasion of what would have been my grandmother's 109th birthday. Grandma Dora is one of the most important influences in my life. She was a mixture of modern and traditional: she never wore pants but insisted on owning her own livestock and keeping her money separate. Dora's community involvement, … Continue reading Grandma Dora

It’s Your Uterus? Women’s Mental Health

I'm going to try to stay calm and reasoned with this topic, but I can't promise it won't spill over into a full on rant. I've looked at several academic journal articles over the past few days and the interplay between gender and mental health is complex. The way this complexity is presented on some … Continue reading It’s Your Uterus? Women’s Mental Health

For the Women and Girls in My Life

I won't pretend I have new information to share in this post; many others have covered this issue better and in more depth. What issue? The unkind thoughts we have about ourselves. Things we wouldn't dream of saying to someone else, we say to ourselves (most of the time silently in our minds). Why this … Continue reading For the Women and Girls in My Life