Every Woman Needs a Hammer: The Importance of Local Crisis & Social Services

Metaphorically and literally. 

Literally, you should have your own hammer just like my Grandma Dora. It is probably the most helpful tool in any carpenter’s toolbox. Hang a picture, build a dog house or some raised beds. Rip out that wall blocking your view (maybe get a permit and verify it is NOT load bearing first!). Read about Dora’s Hammer here.

Metaphorically, the hammer you need is the ability to call in the social supports available to you when you are in need. In Alberta, there are services for almost any need that arises. Financial need is super tough to address, but there are many helping agencies. You should know where your nearest social services offices are located. And your local Helpline. These are safe resources to turn to. Safe ports in any storm. Something to help you knock out your demons. Trust the doctor, she knows from professional and personal experiences.

Note: As always this is my opinion only and not advice.

My community is served by 5 essential services to help you with any of life’s challenges.

Community Links
I was the City of Airdrie Social Planner back in the day and I helped start this organization. It offers an amazing array of services.

Distress Centre

This support has been around since 1970. They offer 24-hour crisis line by phone or online chat. If you are in mental health distress and have no idea what to do, please call them. Their only job is to help people and it is their calling. You would not be imposing. Even if it seems like a little thing.

Airdrie Food Bank
OK, I’m bragging again but I did bring together two struggling programs under the leadership of a fantastic woman who has won multiple awards for her work. They will not judge you there.

This is your one number in case of a mental health crisis, domestic violence, or health emergency. There are charges in Alberta from $250-$385 but you may be able to find funds to cover the expense. Ask Community Links.

Strathmore shelter
I don’t know much about this but I know a bit about the community. It’s a safe place for rural women to run to (I’m lucky I don’t have to run anymore. I’m with a safe, loving man). The woman in charge shares my last name, she just spells it differently! (McLeod rather than MacLeod — all the same clan if you go back far enough).

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