Hello world

Me and my Sis 🙂

This will be a short post. I’m exhausted and so is my muse. I just wanted to share the good news: I’ve been crying most of the week — ugly gut-wrenching sobs with floods of tears gushing down my cheeks. It’s not a breakdown — it’s a breakthrough. I’m working through the loss of my parents, all of them (Ruth, Martin, Lorna, Mabel, Stewart). All at once. This needed to happen for me to heal from my cPTSD. I’m writing! Dare I say it and tempt fate? I think the “shitty first draft” (@StephenKing?) is almost done.

I have more to share. It’s all going to be free. For now, the doctor needs her rest. She’s had a massage and a pedicure. She needs to cry and dance and feel. Spotify sent me a song I had never heard called Sky Pilot. I’m going to go dance in the sun on my deck for a bit and remember good times when I was Colleen the Village Queen.

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