500 Days of Women | Day 16 | Progress, Not Perfection

Happy Friday friends! Progress, not perfection is one of my primary goals for wellness. I’ve written a blog before about struggling with perfectionism, so when I decided to start a 500 Days of Women personal challenge I purposely decided not to overthink it and to listen to my intuition (another goal of mine). 

And so I jumped in with both feet and scarcely a plan. Two things that are incredibly scary for me. As one of my heroes once said:


Social media oops

As I worked through the first two weeks, I have been learning and refining. Some of the graphics I made are pretty bad — like this one:

I researched things a bit more and then fixed my image (below). I am no graphic designer though, and can’t afford one. 

I am writing this post for three reasons:

  1. provide a recap of the first two weeks
  2. refine the concept
  3. request help from you

Let’s get into it then.


I would love to get suggestions from you for women to feature. I’m open to any collaborative ideas and will credit the nominator. My sister asked a friend of hers and they gave me three names of women I have never heard of before. A good friend suggested Jacinda Ardern. Every single idea helps.


In my first post, I said I would use various social media. I’ve thought further and realized this is confusing to people who might want to follow along. Henceforth, the new plan is to post all #500DOW on my Twitter account: @corainewell. I invite you to follow, contribute, and share. I will periodically post a recap here on my blog, but I’m amassing a backlog of other blog ideas I want to pursue.

Recap #500DOW





Dr. Amanda Foreman

Blog DrAmandaForeman


Beth Chatto



Dora Mackenzie

Blog gram_mabel


Jacinda Ardern

Blog jacinda-ardern-hug


Sarah McLachlan



Diana Ross


Billie Holliday


Naomi Klein


Emily Dickinson


Womens Websites



Emily Carr

Blog EmilyCarr


Emily Davison


Emily Davison



Alla Wagner



Daughters of the Vote

Peace 🕊 & 💗 Progress,

500 Days of Women

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