Emily Wilding Davison

Emily Wilding Davison

Yesterday I posted a question on Twitter: “This British suffragette literally died for the cause.” Today, I’m going to write about the accomplishments of Emily Wilding Davison.

Emily Davison was a true #badasswoman: in her fervent campaigning for women’s rights, she was:

10: she was arrested 10 times

7: she engaged in 7 hunger strikes

49: she was force-fed 49 times (a practice in which women were tied down, a tube inserted through the nose, and fed)

40: the age at which she died, trampled to death by a horse, a moment captured on film (it’s a tough watch) and memorialized in the 2015 film Suffragette

Emily Davison was also controversial for the tactics she brought to the battle for women’s rights including throwing stones, breaking windows, and burning mailboxes. Having watched Suffragette and reading about the horrors of force-feeding and the widespread sexual assaults of suffragettes, I don’t object to their use of minor property damage as a tactic.

Peace 🕊 & 💗 Progress,

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    1. drcolleen

      It’s a very authentic feeling film. Carey Mulligan and Meryl Streep are both quite good. Thanks for commenting. I’m just getting started and welcome ideas.

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