500 Days of Women | Day II | Beth Chatto

“A garden is not like a picture hanging on the wall; it is never static and it will constantly evolve and change over time.”

Beth Chatto

Beth Chatto OBE was a plantswoman, garden designer and author of ten gardening books. She had a long career which included operating a plant nursery and winning medals at the Chelsea Flower Show in London. Her crowning achievement is The Beth Chatto Gardens in the English county of Essex, now operated by her daughter. Beth Chatto began working on the gardens 1960 at age 37, continuing into her 90s. beginning with an overgrown farm field of gravel, brambles, and bog, she transformed it into an inspirational, informal garden. I’ve only seen the gardens featured on the BBC program Gardeners world, but I hope to one day visit in person. The photos on The Beth Chatto Gardens website are stunning: check out the gallery.

Peace 🕊 & 💗 Progress,

500 Days of Women

4 thoughts on “500 Days of Women | Day II | Beth Chatto

  1. Dorian Kachur

    This will be quite an undertaking. How about Jacinda Ardern, PM of New Zealand, showing the world what an empathetic and genuine, strong leader looks like? Oh, and she happens to be a woman.

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