Did ANOTHER Personality Test: Still INTJ!

Part of being me means I question everything. So why not question my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) result even though it has been the same since the 1990s when I first did the test? Overthinking is great (more good stuff about this subject on the Pointless Overthinking blog).

I did the Personality Hacker free test (you have to give them your email). It follows the Myers-Briggs types closely but gives them new names. It isn’t as lengthy or thorough as MBTI, but its free so no complaints here.

I’m a Perspectives/Effectiveness Personality (INTJ)

Famous INTJs the brief report lists (Do I care about this? Yes, yes I do. Should I care? Probably not!):

  • Carl Jung, psychiatrist, and psychologist
  • Nikola Tesla, inventor
  • Isaac Asimov, writer
Stirling Castle, Scotland

Where are all the amazing INTJ women? I went looking and found a site I quickly bookmarked for future exploration: Owlcation (you had me at owl). And another: INTJ vision (INTJ women are unicorns? I’m hooked).

Let’s fix the above list:

  • Marie Currie (INTJ or INTP — there’s an online debate and I agree she was INTJ), physicist, chemist, Nobel Laureate
  • Michelle Obama, lawyer, writer, badass
  • Audrey Hepburn, actor, humanitarian

There, that’s much better!

My “unique Genius Style” from the report emailed to me has to be shared. I think the strengths are accurate. I know the weaknesses are.


  • Foresees outcomes long into the future
  • Understands how the mind works
  • A futurist, while keeping practical


  • Getting out of your head and into action
  • Perfectionist, self-sabotaging
  • Can be prideful”

Any other unicorns out there? My tribe is small and new members are welcome, after the obligatory introvert period of reflection of course.

Peace and progress,

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