News to Me: Womxn as an Inclusive Pronoun?

So this was my last attempt at blogging a couple days ago already:

I’m sick with another sinus infection and I am so frustrated. I want to write, but my brain is foggy from my meds. I want to get my house cleaned up, but my back is in spasm. I want to work on a logo redesign, but carpal tunnel is acting up in my right wrist. I want to sleep, but my legs are twitchy and my brain is spinning.

I am very grateful for so many things: my partner, our daughters, the pets, our house, my garden, the blue jays on the deck, tea. But sometimes even focusing on your gratitude can’t chase away the frustration.

Yes. I am sick and it is making my mental health issues worse. Dwelling on this won’t help. So instead of an original thought — something new I learned and am wondering about…

Bad things happen in Canada too: Ontario conservatives

Leaving aside, for now, communicating my anger and frustration about the issues, which requires a functioning brain, here’s the thing: even though I think I am relatively well-informed, the term ‘womxn’ is news to me. So I searched it and found this an article outlining the origins of ‘womyn’ (I knew this term) and ‘womxn’ (which I did not).

I’m curious about this. I agree that language is important, but I’m not sure about this term. I really appreciate the intent. However, it doesn’t seem pronounceable and therefore, seems impractical.

Any thoughts out there on this?

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