Our Back Garden: What Should We Do?

A little change of pace today. I’ve been blogging on some pretty intense topics, so today I’ve got something light-hearted and, I hope, fun. Sit back, have some tea, and snoop around my back garden.

First of all, meet Willow, who shades almost half the yard.

Willow in 2009 – it’s impossible to see the whole tree in a single photo now

I shot a quick video standing underneath Willow today:

Hopefully, the video will help to orient you, rather than simply make you dizzy. I find it relaxing to watch (self-care moment) If you are standing under Willow, to the left (south facing) is a small shade bed, the deck, and a sunny bed:

Straight ahead (west facing) are raised veg beds, flanked by trees and shrubs on both sides:

To the right is another shade bed, a round accent bed, a garden swing, a recently deceased birch (so sad), and a fire-pit:

Now what? I have a tree (Ivory Silk Tree Lilac) and 3 shrubs (a Limelight Hydrangea, a Summerwine Ninebark, and an Adelaide Hoodless Rose) to place somewhere. I know the picture below shows a Dogwood, not a rose or Ninebark — I have to move those from other places next spring.


I’d like to plan for future garden development. On the wishlist:

  • something under Willow as the grass suffers — a labyrinth?
  • trellis/walls of some type to grow climbers and divide the space?
  • floating deck/gazebo?

If you have any thoughts or ideas please share below.

5 thoughts on “Our Back Garden: What Should We Do?

  1. Thanks for taking the time to comment and thanks for the compliment. 🙂 I added raspberry canes into the back corner of our sunniest flower bed, so I am with you on that. I also just ordered seeds from a local company — a wildlife mix of native wildflowers selected for their relationships either to bees, birds or butterflies. Can’t wait!


  2. Not sure what you mean by a laberinth, but surely you could replace the lawn w a ground cover that enjoys shade?

    I did a quick snoop and found these three, Birdsfoot Trefoil (lotus cornculatus), Bunchberry (cornus canadensis), and Foam Flower (tiarella cordifolia) on an Ontario website. Maybe something like that would be nice?


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