Processing Trauma is Hard for Everyone

To my loved ones: I understand that by sharing my story, I might make you feel sad or angry. Telling my story is part of a process of claiming space for grief and emotion that has been too long in darkness. I’m ok, I will be better, and I appreciate and love you all.

~Maya Angelou

Processing trauma is hard — it’s hard if you were the one traumatized and it hard if you love someone who was. If you’ve read any of my recent blogs, you likely know that I’ve been using it as a safe outlet to process some traumatic life experiences. It is difficult and emotionally taxing to unpack these old stories.

I understand the appeal of screaming into the abyss. And partly, I am doing that. I thought it was important for me to also share that I’m not doing this in isolation: I have a supportive partner and am currently participating in therapy. I have other supports in my life and I have the time to deal with things that can arise from this type of raw emotional toil.

If you feel drawn to write about your own trauma, I support and encourage you. It’s essentially a form of journaling, which is a time-tested therapeutic tool. Just be prepared — for emotions you don’t expect, for nights without sleep, flashbacks you thought had gone, and deep exhaustion. I wish you the best on your journey.

Useful tips in this video:


4 thoughts on “Processing Trauma is Hard for Everyone

  1. Thank you. My personal demons are all carefully laid away in little boxes in my head. I do not know if or when I would talk about such things. I applaud your willingness to share yours.

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