For the Women and Girls in My Life

Maya Angelou QuoteI won’t pretend I have new information to share in this post; many others have covered this issue better and in more depth. What issue? The unkind thoughts we have about ourselves. Things we wouldn’t dream of saying to someone else, we say to ourselves (most of the time silently in our minds).

Why this issue? I was listening to a podcast this morning and a young, intelligent, successful and beautiful woman was talking about her insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. It brought this issue up for me. It resonated with me. It made me feel angry and sad and determined.

Determined to do better in this regard myself; to be kinder to myself and to make more of an effort to offer words of encouragement and appreciation to the women in my life. I thought I’d share what I’m doing and declare this intention. I’ll offer one tip that is helping and has scientific basis, drawing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles: when I catch myself thinking harshly I silently remind myself to not be so judgmental. Just a simple thought I “say” in my head — “Colleen, you are being judgmental.”

Update Aug 22, 2018: I’m still using that phrase and it is helping. I’ve got a couple more to share soon. 

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