Sunday Morning, Six AM

The early morning light on Sunday morning was achingly beautiful: the sky was a soft pinkish grey fading up into blue and down into orange, the clouds fluffy and under lit by the rising sun. The utter absence of human-made sounds highlighted the plethora of feathered voices. Robins, mourning doves, blue jays and sparrows are…… Continue reading Sunday Morning, Six AM

Deep Dive into Cannabis | Part 2 | Sativa, Indica & Terpenes

When I first started experimenting with medicinal cannabis a few years ago it was much simpler: indica or sativa was all you needed to know. Fast forward to 2020 and scientists have identified more than 200 terpenes in cannabis! Terpenes are the “fragrant, essential oils that lend aromatic profiles to cannabis products” (source: Hexo). The…… Continue reading Deep Dive into Cannabis | Part 2 | Sativa, Indica & Terpenes